Code of Ethics

The Green Mountain Trail Blazers & VAST Code of Ethics 

  •  I will be a good sportsman and conservationist.
  • I will always operate my snowmobile in a reasonable and prudent manner.
  • I will promote sportsman-like conduct among my fellow snowmobilers.
  • I will operate my snowmobile only when there is sufficient snow cover.
  • I will not litter or damage living trees, shrubs or the land.
  • I will share the trail and respect other people’s rights.
  • I will not harass wildlife.
  • I will respect the landowner and stay on the trail.
  • I will not snowmobile where prohibited.
  • I will know and obey all laws and regulations pertaining to the operation of my snowmobile.
  • I will lend a hand when I see someone in need.

Thanks to all our responsible members for making the fun and freedom of the GMTB system possible!