About GMTB

The Green Mountain Trail Blazers have one of the best snowmobile trail systems in Southern Vermont. With minimal road crossings, scenic views and well-groomed trails, riders enjoy the best of snowmobiling. Our trained crew of Class One and Class Four groomer operators produce the best and safest conditions possible.

Our Mission:

The objective of the club is to promote the development, maintenance and use of  marked trails  in the area.  With permission and cooperation of property owners,  the Club promotes safe, courteous, lawful, and responsible operation of snow vehicles.

Experience all that Vermont wilderness has to offer by traveling our 72 plus miles of trails.

Snowmobiling is a fun way to experience nature with out leaving a major footprint on the ecosystem.  Visit sites such as Griffith Lake with ease, which is only accessible by hiking or snowmobiling.  Or travel to Devils Den or better known in the local snowmobile community as The Ice Falls.  In the summer months you can drive to this large rock face.  In the winter this road (FR 10) becomes a snowmobile highway and Devils Den becomes covered in ice.  There are stops along the way with spectacular views of the valley below.  One stop, has views to the South, of  Manchester Valley lying under the shadow of Equinox Mountain.

The Green Mountain Trail Blazers are active in the community.  We have helped the East Dorset Fire Department providing them with proper emergency equipment for rescues.  We also help the local food cupboard.  It is our goal to educate the public on safe and courteous snowmobiling.   If you enjoy riding snowmobiles and the freedom of the outdoors, we encourage you to join us.